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The applicability of diamond micro powder
-2019-09-16 16:48:21 -

In the domestic production of diamond micro powder, most of the RVD diamond is used as raw material for crushing, shaping, purifying, washing, grading, washing and drying. Due to the limitation of the quality of raw materials before refining, the quality grade and wear resistance are only suitable for the middle and low market demand. The national standard GB / T 7 9 90 - 8 of the diamond powder also lagged behind the present age. It is suggested that according to different application fields and demand, the standard of diamond micro powder can be divided into ordinary grinding, ordinary polishing, high end grinding, high end polishing and high strength grinding, which can improve the suitability of diamond micro powder in different application fields. High grade diamond is selected as raw material and refined into high strength grinding diamond like micro powder, such as diamond wire saw special powder, which will meet the demand of high-end customers to the diamond fine powder more. It is a good example that some domestic manufacturers directly use natural diamond's leftover leftover materials to refine the micro powder to produce diamond wire saw.