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How to polish jade with diamond powder
-2019-09-16 16:50:11 -

Jade Polishing: There are generally two ways to polish the light body jade (such as jade bracelets, jade buckles, chicken hearts, and hanging rings); for Guanyin, Maitreya buds, and other flower parts, the polishing machine is polished. The time required for the polishing machine to be shaken takes about 3-5 days to complete, and a large quantity of jade can be polished once.

1. Hand-throwing: Use 600#---1200# polishing sandpaper, first use electric tools to attach diamond drills to modify the jade pieces, and then use the diamond assorted files to fix them carefully. Use a round sandpaper (from grit sand) for large area grinding. * Use a round cloth wheel to apply polishing paste for large area polishing. * Use a felting head to apply a polishing paste for detailed polishing. It can also be polished directly with a rubber head. Finally use 1200 sandpaper for handwork and then finely polish with diamond powder.

2. Machine throw: buy a polishing machine (300 yuan to 500 yuan), a small jewelry jade drum polishing machine. Buy some of our Emery 320#-8000# abrasive abrasives that are rough polished to fine throw. Buying triangular beads, cold powder, and abrasive powder (all of which can be provided by flying abrasives) can be polished in the polisher for a period of time to achieve a mirror effect.

3. Emerald Polishing: The surface is coated with a layer of paste polishing powder, green chromium oxide orange red is yttrium oxide. 2. Grind the surface with two thousand mesh wheels. Repeat the first two steps, generally repeat the brush after two times, apply the diamond powder to the emerald surface and then throw it with a bristles brush. Fine work, began to throw the big tools to a small place. Use bamboo, dip diamond powder, use bamboo chopsticks a bit more, and use a bamboo toothpick in a small place. Apply diamond powder to emerald and polish with hard leather. Then use an ultrasonic machine to clean it, wash it out of place and rub it with alcohol. Then on the wax, a protection for the surface of the emerald product can be washed with boiling water and blown dry. Made of a delicate emerald.

4. Emerald carving polishing process --- Jade high hardness, but as long as there is diamond or artificial diamond tool plus speed can be arbitrary carving. Polishing and polishing to luster and have three processes: a. coarse grinding - with (1000-2000 mesh) Emery made into a variety of shapes tools carefully polished smooth. b. Fine grinding - use (1600-1800 mesh) diamond emery for smooth and shiny grinding. c. On the bright - using half leather craft tools, diamond powder (diamond powder) (3.5 micron diamond powder) repeated friction, so that the jade products inside and outside the shiny bright. d. Wax - wax to prevent water and dirt.