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How to determine the strength of synthetic diamond powder and the cutting force?
-2019-09-16 16:49:15 -

In general, under the microscope, the flaky diamond powder has low strength, good block cutting force and good quality. The coarse powder is easier to judge. The fine powder is observed under the microscope with good transparency and the core is transparent. Black outline; bad powder, the whole is black. Ultrafine powder refers to less than 1.5 microns, you need to observe under the oil microscope, need to immerse the objective lens into cedar oil, enlarge the observation under 1600 times Caixing, conventional glycerol sample, see not clear, easy to reunite. The judgement of the quality of ultra-fine powders can be distinguished from the imaging, which requires more observations and more observations. Another advanced method is to use a differential thermal analysis instrument made in Germany to determine the initial oxidation temperature of the micronized powder. The instruments are expensive and unfavorable for promotion in industrial production.

In order to solve this problem, after a lot of practice, a new type of dispersant was found and the dispersion problem was solved successfully. The microscope was used for immersion oil and the image was clear.

Scanning electron microscopy observation of ultra-fine powder and nano-diamond micro-powder is very clear, the size measurement is very accurate, but the surface of the micro-powder particles must be sprayed with a metal film to observe, so that the structure of the micro-powder and the crystal presentation cannot be clearly seen, and it is not easy Determine the quality of the fine powder. Traditional biological microscope observation has great advantages.

In the test, we observe the micropowder and judge the quality of the micropowder according to the color of the figure.

In order to better observe the images and avoid the dislocation of the fine powder in the dispersant and take a clear image, we adopted the film preparation method to fix the micropowder and take pictures of the real micropowder under the biological microscope, which provided powerful force for scientific research. help. Research is to continuously innovate, solve practical problems, and promote the development of the industry.