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Strength Classification Of Diamond Powder
-2019-09-16 16:33:25 -

Particle size grading is a very important process in the production process of diamond powder. It involves the production efficiency and quality of diamond micro powder. At present, the most widely used method of granularity classification of diamond micro powder is the micro powder produced by the combination of natural sedimentation and centrifugal method.


Natural settlement method is a direct application of Stokes's law. According to the principle that the particle size is different in the water, the particle size is different according to the different particle size in the water. By controlling the height of the settlement and the settling time, the particle size is graded. Although the equipment is simple, the operation is easy and the quality is stable, the production cycle is longer and labor is longer. Inefficiency。 To this end, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have studied automatic classification equipment, using computer technology and frequency conversion control technology, setting up four systems with automatic mixing, automatic pumping, automatic water circulation and computer control, all digital design, accurate control, energy saving and electricity saving, with artificial incomparable high efficiency and high reliability. Sex and good manipulation. The efficiency of the separation is 10~20 times higher than that of the manual separation. It has ten significant advantages, such as high automation, fast sorting speed, accurate separation precision, no impurity pollution, unmanned interference, strong product quality stability, good reproducibility, low labor intensity of workers, low labor cost of enterprises and large amount of disposable material. It is in line with the future direction of the micro powder industry.