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How To Make Artificial Diamond Micro Powder
-2019-09-16 16:36:13 -

The artificial diamond micro powder is mainly used for grinding and polishing, and the control of grain size is especially important. As long as there are super size coarse particles, the workpiece will be scratched and the work of the front process is abandoned. Therefore, the quality of the micro powder product is an important link to ensure the grinding and polishing process. Only by taking seriously can we produce high quality micro powder to meet the needs of users.

D50 refers to the particle size of a sample with a cumulative particle size distribution of 50%. Its physical meaning is that the particle size is greater than its particle number 50%, the number of particles is 50%, and the D50 is also called the median or median particle size. It is often used to represent the average particle size of the powder.

In the production practice, the laser diffraction method is used to measure the diameter of the diamond particles. The commonly used instruments are the Malvin Mastersizer 2000 laser particle size analyzer, the S3500 series laser particle size analyzer of Microtrac company and the X100 laser particle size analysis instrument.