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How to dress the diamond grinding wheel?
-2020-06-10 15:02:50 -
The dressing of the diamond grinding wheel is to sharpen the abrasive particles of the grinding wheel without proper dressing. Even the best grinding wheel cannot obtain the high quality and dimensional consistency of the processed parts. In grinding with super-hard abrasive wheels, dressing is performed using dressing tools or rollers.

1. Trace dressing
The grinding wheel should be trimmed with an appropriate trimming depth. If you choose too large a depth of removal, it will produce a higher cutting temperature, reduce the service life of the dresser, and also cut off the useful wheel layer. The best amount of dressing is that after several times of removal, it can restore the geometry of the grinding wheel and produce a good sharpening edge.
2. Keep cool
Appropriate use of coolant can accelerate the dressing speed and improve dressing efficiency. When the diamond dressing tool passes the grinding wheel, install a coolant nozzle, the coolant will fill the entire surface of the wheel or be continuously added to the diamond dressing tool. When the dressing tool comes into contact with the grinding wheel to start dressing, the dressing tool cannot be withdrawn from the coolant. If it exits, the diamond dressing tool will crack or rupture under extreme cold and hot temperature changes.
3. Reduce vibration
In grinding wheel dressing, reducing vibration will avoid leaving dress marks on the surface of the wheel, or avoid collision and damage to the dressing tools, etc. Reducing vibration means maintaining the balance of the grinding wheel, and the uneven density and the geometry of the entire grinding wheel will affect the inherent balance of a grinding wheel, so it is also important to choose a high-quality grinding wheel.
In order to further avoid vibration, it is necessary to ensure that the dressing tool is firmly clamped on the clamp base and the minimum overhang is maintained to ensure that the dressing tool has sufficient rigidity. If the diamond tool is not clamped, it will cause vibration, generate noise, and generate ripples on the surface of the part, straining the surface of the part and damaging the trimming tool. The uniform filling of the cooling fluid can sometimes help the grinding wheel maintain balance.