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Learn about resin bond diamond grinding wheel
-2020-06-10 15:06:03 -
Resin bond diamond grinding wheel is composed of diamond layer and aluminum matrix. It is mainly made of diamond abrasives and resin powder as binder. There are many types of shapes, such as bowl, dish, cup, etc., different shapes, use also different.

· Flat diamond grinding wheel: mainly used for cylindrical grinding and cutting of hard alloy.

· Thin diamond grinding wheel: mainly used for cutting cemented carbide.

· Bevel diamond grinding wheel: mainly used for forming grinding of cemented carbide and forming grinding of arc surface.

· Bowl-diamond grinding wheel: mainly used for sharpening carbide tools and high-speed steel tools, and also used for milling and grinding.

· Select high-quality synthetic diamond powder and imported raw materials.
· Good self-sharpness, high grinding efficiency and long working life.
· The grinding wheel has a certain elasticity, which is helpful to improve the roughness of the surface of the working layer, and is suitable for fine grinding, semi-fine grinding, polishing, etc.
· Shorter production cycle time; higher removal rate, easily to make complex wheels.