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Classification of diamond grinding wheels
-2020-06-08 17:20:46 -
The diamond grinding wheel is composed of a diamond layer and an aluminum matrix. The diamond abrasive is used as a raw material, and metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplated metal are used as binders to make a round fixed abrasive tool with a through hole in the center.
According to different bonding agents, it can be divided into resin bond diamond grinding wheel, resin bond CBN grinding wheel, vitrified bond grinding wheel, vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel, metal bond grinding wheel, metal bond CBN grinding wheel and electroplated grinding wheel.
Resin Bond Grinding Wheel: It is mainly made of diamond abrasives and resin powder as binder. It has the characteristics of good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency and long use time. It is widely used in various fields.

Resin Bond CBN Grinding Wheel: mainly made of CBN abrasive as raw material and resin powder as binder, high hardness, high strength, strong grinding ability, simple production process, low production cost.

Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheel: mainly made of diamond abrasives and ceramics as a binder, it is considered to be a high-performance, high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, low-grinding cost, and low-environmental pollution high-performance grinding wheel with cutting sharpness and grinding efficiency High, not easy to heat and block during the grinding process.

Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Wheel: mainly made of CBN abrasive as raw material and ceramic as binder. This kind of grinding wheel maintains the original high hardness performance of ceramic diamond grinding wheel, and has heat resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and self-sharpness. Good and other features.

Metal Bond Grinding Wheel: mainly made of diamond abrasives and metal powder as a binder, with excellent performance and wide application, excellent in abrasive retention and wear resistance, it is grinding cemented carbide, glass, ceramics , Special tools for hard and brittle materials such as gems.

Metal Bond CBN Grinding Wheels: Metal CBN grinding wheels are mostly made of bronze and other metals as binders, and are manufactured by high temperature sintering method. They have high bonding strength and good formability. They are mainly used for grinding and cutting hard and brittle alloys and non-metallic materials.

Electroplated Grinding Wheel: mainly made of diamond and electroplated metal as a bonding agent. Its base is generally made of steel, which is very suitable for a large number of grinding work. It has the characteristics of high processing efficiency, convenient use and low investment.