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What is a diamond core drill bit?
-2020-06-29 13:51:37 -
The drill bit that makes the cutting edge is called a diamond drill bit. The drill bit is an integrated drill bit. The whole drill bit has no moving parts. The structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance. The diamond drill bit not only has a long service time, but also can be reused. The diamond drill bit returned to the factory for repair The use effect is similar to that of the factory-made diamond drill bit, which can save a lot of production costs.

The main properties of gold diamond diamond bits include the hardness of the bit's carcass, the service life of the bit, and the drilling efficiency of the bit. Among them, the influence of diamond particle size on the performance of the diamond is very important. The diamond particle size refers to the diamond particle size in the bit carcass. As the key factor of the drilling efficiency of the drill bit, the ratio of diamond particle size determines the cutting efficiency and service life of the drill bit. Therefore, when choosing a drill, the drill should be selected according to the material to be drilled.