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What is a glass daimond grinding wheel?
-2020-07-16 16:53:24 -
Glass grinding wheels are grinding wheels or rollers that process and polish various glass edges. The general process on the glass edging machine is rough grinding-fine grinding-polishing. The surface of the glass edge is changed from rough to smooth and clean, while achieving the desired shape and effect. The glass grinding wheel is composed of a base substrate and a working layer, wherein the base substrate is generally an aluminum substrate, and a part of the resin grinding wheel is a bakelite substrate.
According to different bonding agents, it can be divided into resin bond glass diamond grinding wheel, metal bond glass diamond grinding wheel and polishing wheel.
The metal bond glass diamond wheel is a super-hard abrasive wheel made of diamond. It is through high temperature and high pressure
It is made by fusion of metal powder and diamond. The main products are diamond internal segment grinding wheel, diamond external segment grinding wheel, full segment diamond grinding wheel, continuous diamond grinding wheel and so on.
The resin bond glass diamond wheel is made of high-quality resin bond and diamond sand, which are formed by high temperature hot pressing. Common resin wheels on the market are green, red and black. There are two kinds of substrates: aluminum substrate and bakelite substrate. The main products are bakelite resin grinding wheel, continuous resin grinding wheel, muffler wheel, tri-color wheel, etc.
Polishing wheel: The polishing wheel uses abrasion-resistant polyurethane as a binder, which is rich in elasticity and suitable for fine grinding or polishing of various machines. The main products are BD polishing wheel, BK polishing wheel, X5000 polishing wheel, 10S polishing wheel and so on.