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What are the characteristics of diamond grinding wheels?
-2020-06-30 16:54:06 -
Diamond grinding wheels are made of diamond abrasives, using metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplated metals as binders. The circular fixed abrasive with a through hole in the center is widely used in grinding processing technology. According to different bonding agents, it can be divided into resin bond diamond grinding wheel, ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel, metal bond diamond grinding wheel and electroplated diamond grinding wheel.
1. Diamond grinding wheel has the characteristics of high grinding precision, strong wear resistance and long service life. The quality of the ground product is very high. Because of its strong wear resistance, it does not need frequent dressing, which saves costs and improves production efficiency.  
2. There are many types of diamond grinding wheels, such as bowl type and dish type. The use of diamond wheels of different shapes is also different. For example, parallel grinding wheels are very suitable for external and internal grinding of cemented carbide; thin grinding wheels are used for hard Carbide cutting and grinding grooves; disc-shaped grinding wheels are suitable for tool sharpening and gear grinding.
3. The application fields of diamond grinding wheels are very wide: tool industry, auto parts, mechanical parts, glass industry, precision electronic instrument industry, etc., different industries should choose different grinding wheels in order to improve the working efficiency of the grinding wheel and extend the use of the grinding wheel life.
4. The mechanical strength of the diamond grinding wheel matrix can withstand the high cutting forces during high-speed grinding. The working layer of diamond grinding wheel, also called diamond layer, is composed of abrasive, bonding agent and filler, and is the working part of abrasive tool. The transition layer, also called non-diamond layer, is composed of binder, metal powder and filler, and is the part that firmly connects the diamond layer to the substrate. During high-speed grinding, the mechanical strength of the safe grinding wheel base can withstand the high cutting forces during high-speed grinding.