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Synthetic Diamond Powder Suitable For Fine Polishing
- May 08, 2018 -

Product characteristics:

1. Using high quality diamond as raw material, crystal pattern and spherical particles.

2. The particle size distribution is concentrated and the range is narrow.

3, the impurity content is low, the surface cleanliness is high, and the binding agent is firmly combined.

4. The granularity distribution according to the standard of the national standard

Product application:

It is suitable for high precision polishing or mirror polishing products.

Grinding and polishing of cemented carbide and diamond wire drawing dies, gemstones, etc.

Precision grinding and polishing of precision ceramics and optical glass processing.

Production of super hard materials such as soft grinding, composite, polished and diamond wheels.

Grain size of diamond powder

Granularity can be provided according to the specific needs of customers. Similarly, the distribution of particle size can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers.