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Diamond Powder Application Area
- May 08, 2018 -

- Traditional gem polishing: 3um single crystal powder or grinding paste is traditionally used

- Raw materials for sintered PCD: micron-sized powders with the application of PCD tools.

- Polishing of sapphire wafers: micron to sub-micron, polycrystalline/single-crystal polishing solution with the rapid development of LED.

- Abrasive polishing of fiber optic connectors: micron to sub-micron, polishing film.

- Ceramic processing: It is possible to use monocrystalline or polycrystalline fine powders. For example, optical fiber ceramic ferrules: Micron to submicron single-crystal micropowders. Applications include grinding wheels, abrasives, and polishing films. The application prospects in this area are good.

- Heads: Grinder polishing, submicron to nanometer, polishing liquid/polishing film such as GMR heads.

- Abrasive polishing of super-hard metal rolls or devices: Micron to sub-micron, polishing film/polishing paste/grinding wheels develop steadily.

- Polishing of metal molds: Micron to sub-micron, diamond slurry/grinding paste develops steadily.

- Raw materials for various grinding tools: Single crystals of various sizes, there is still room for development!

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