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Problems to be Paid Attention to when Using Diamond Micropowder on Plane Grinding Machine
- May 08, 2018 -

When a harder and more brittle material is ground on a plane grinder, diamond powder is used. Which materials need it? For example: zirconia ceramics, glass and other crystals. So how is diamond powder used in plane grinders? In general, it is not possible to use diamond powder directly on a flat grinding machine. Grinding engineers usually place the diamond powder on a diamond disk and work on the equipment.

Then what problems should be paid attention to when choosing diamond powder? Is it possible to use a diamond powder that can be used on flat grinding equipment?

The answer is definitely negative. Plane grinding requires stricter requirements for fine powders, and has higher requirements for practice, particle size, and shape.

Specifically, the micropowder used in the plane grinder must be fine, generally reaching the um level, so it must be done with a finer process. Generally speaking, the particle size is generally 2-200um.

Secondly, the shape of the diamond powder is various, and the shape suitable for the planar grinding is generally close to a circle, and the smaller the angle is, the better.

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the choice: First, to choose a particle size between 2-50um, and second, to choose a shape close to a round, small angle of the micro-powder.

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